Product Walkthroughs

Don’t let your customers or employees hanging without any clear direction.

With the help of GuideBuddy™, develop a streamlined and personalized experience. Provide step-by-step guidance to highlight your product or application features that result in an “aha” moment.

All of your users, including the ones using your application for the first time will feel like experts by following the guides created for them using GuideBuddy™.

Benefits of GuideBuddy™

  • Improve the experience for your employees and customers
  • Drive to the features that value the most
  • Target customers with segmentation to provide relevant information
  • Improve retention and product usability by eliminating confusion and streamlined guides



The onboarding process is always very tedious and time-consuming. New employees have to take in and process a lot of information that can be a very overwhelming experience.

Benefits of GuideBuddy™

  • Accelerate adoption and reduce time to gain proficiency through seamless training without writing any code
  • Engage user more effectively by delivering personalized content
  • Simplify the overall experience
  • Measure and analyze data to understand how it has impacted the user journey


Employees & Customers

No one likes to read training manuals. Hands-on training is almost always more effective as compared with conventional training, such as classrooms or webinars. Most users learn the best way when they do it themselves.

GuideBuddy™ allows you to create step-by-step guides. You get the same benefits of hands-on training, without having to guide a user manually.

Benefits of GuideBuddy™

  • Quick and no code solution to deliver context driven help faster
  • Elevate user experience by providing step by step guidance
  • Reduce time to train users
  • Improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating the time needed to search and explore